About Us

What’s in the name?

The name, Designed For Worship, was originally conceived from the desire to provide website design, hosting and maintenance services to small churches that are typically unable to afford the services of a staff member with this skill. As the idea for Designed For Worship grew, we realized that a deeper meaning behind the name is in our desire to worship Jesus through the services we provide to our clients (Colossians 3:23).

Many content management systems (CMS) exist for churches and other small businesses, but they still require a staff member who is tech savvy enough to build out the site, and to maintain it. Designed For Worship makes it possible for churches or small businesses, which do not have such a staff member, to still have a nice, custom designed website, which is updated regularly.

We do all the work for you. We design the site, we set up the site, we host the site and we will maintain the site for you. If you are a church, and you record your services digitally, we will even edit your sermon audio files, and upload them as a podcast. Audio podcasts make it possible for your members, or anyone interested in your church, to listen to your sermons any time they desire. If you are not currently set up to audio record your sermons digitally, we can even make recommendations on equipment to make this possible. Some churches that are not recording their services digitally may already have all the equipment necessary to do so. Contact Us and we’ll see if we can help.

If your church or small business has a staff member who is tech savvy enough to use a CMS, such as WordPress, but who cannot design a custom template for your site, then we can still help. We design all of our own templates. We would love to have the opportunity to design a template for your site. We can design it for WordPress, and we can host the site for you, even if you do not require our site maintenance services.

If you would like to begin your website project, we would be delighted to custom design a template for your church, small business or blog. Please visit our Services page, to see our available services, then Contact Us. We will help you get your online presence published quickly.